Steinar Aadnekvam acoustic guitar, vocals / Rubem Farias electric bass, double bass, vocals / 
Deodato Siquir drums, vocals


Release no: LOS 195-2 Ean: 7090025831959

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 composed by Steinar Aadnekvam.
Tracks 3, 6, 7 composed by Rubem Farias. Track 5 composed by Deodato Siquir. 


Recorded December 2017 by Alexander Härnlöv at Vall Recording Studio, Gotland, Sweden. Mixed and Mastered January 2018 by Kalle Persson at Gott Moose Production, Värmdö, Sweden.
Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam. Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes.
Front cover painting by Sylva Karin Johansen. Cover design by design holtmann, Oslo, Norway.
This recording is partly supported by Fond for lyd og bilde.

Liner notes:

In 2015 I returned to Scandinavia after many years in north eastern Brazil and celebrated 10 years as a professional musician with the release of my  first album for Losen Records, titled ‘Freedoms Tree’ . For me personally it was a milestone, the title of which suggesting an ongoing quest to find truth in expression, an abstract idea of a growing celestial body of sincerity that stretches its embrace. Among the graceful presence of numerous astonishing musicians, the album was also the  first collaboration with drummer Deodato Siquir, from Mozambique, and the friendship we found soon evolved onwards to something we naturally - even jokingly - called ‘Freedoms Trio’ when bassist Rubem Farias, from Brazil, joined us to form what became a regular band.

In 2016 we went on to record the first trio album for Losen Records, titled ‘Freedoms Trio’ and following that album the trio has been fortunate to perform over 100 concerts across Europe, sharing many great moments with amazing music audiences and making many new good friends on the way.
From the very beginning a clarity in vision of what we are trying to achieve and express musically has existed among us but through the process of time that vision has been even further re ned and from this came the desire to make the album you are holding in your hands, the sequel: Freedoms Trio II. 


So what is this ‘Freedom’ ? Well, It’s a feeling. It’s a style. Freedom is definitely a healer, and it comes with a smile. Freedom is expression, it’s the giving and the taking of a chance. Freedom lives in music. Freedom lives in dance. Keep fighting the good fight ! Steinar Aadnekvam, January 2018 


                     I had the pleasure of sitting in with ‘Freedoms Trio’ not long ago at a festival in Europe. I had heard them play the night before and really enjoyed them. Playing with them was a ball. This new recording is evidence of a steady progression. Their music is both complex and joyful, full of passion and energy. Not only do you hear amazing guitar playing from Steinar Aadnekvam, but equal musicianship from drummer Deodato Siquir and bassist Rubem Farias. Plus they have a natural synergy which can be rare, especially when the musicians are so accomplished individually. People should hear ‘Freedoms Trio’ . Gives you hope.

Robben Ford, January 2018 (American guitar legend and Miles Davis alumni) 


Steinar Aadnekvam acoustic guitar, Rubem Farias electric bass & voice Deodato Siquir drums & vocals

Release no: LOS 149-2 Ean: 7090025831492

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 composed by Steinar Aadnekvam. Tracks 3, 10  by Rubem Farias & Deodato Siquir. Track 6 by Romain Gabourg and Deodato Siquir. Track 7 by Steinar Aadnekvam and Rubem Farias. Tracks 8, 9 by Rubem Farias. 

Recorded at Studio Barxeta, Spain by Dani Castelar three days in November 2015
Mixed at Studio Moose, Värmdö, Sweden by Kalle Persson. Mastered by Gott Moose Mastering. 
Inside photos by Mariana Menezes Lindén & Odd Gjelsnes. Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam. 
Front cover painting by Sylva Karin Johansen

Liner notes:

Every now and then a trinity will come into place. And when it does it changes the gravity of it all just a little bit.Like a strike of lighting. A toss of good luck. A game changer. A life changer. Freedoms Trio came about like that.

Steinar Aadnekvam - the expat Norwegian acoustic guitar phenomenon - had just returned to Scandinavia after quite
a few years in north eastern Brazil and had begun working with Deodato Siquir - the Mozambican super drummer and vocalist - at the clubs in Stockholm when Rubem Farias - the prodigy Brasilian bass virtuoso - visits from Sao Paulo and after some persistently combined indication from a friend of a friend and another friend, the trio eventually got together to play in 2014. The magic was instantaneous. Decision was made to follow up this collaboration. Rubem, who was in the process of moving to the North anyway, began coming back and forth from Brasil and during the following year the trio was able to shape their sound, make a demo, and even tour quite extensively in Scandinavia and in the Baltics before going to Spain with Losen Records and make this album in November 2015. Golden days. This album captures three distinct individuals. Three musicians in their prime. Three heroes who will live and die for the Art that they believe in. And three friends who are just playing music to have fun. 


Steinar Aadnekvam acoustic guitar, voice, whistling (track 7), Jonatan Guzman piano, Patric Thorman bass, Deodato Siquir drums, percussion, voice (track 1), Peter Fredman, flute, (track 4) alto saxophone (track 6), Gustav Orphée Noah lead vocals, (track 3, 4 & 8) whistling (track 3), Santiago Jimenez Borges violin (track 5), Mattias Ståhl vibraphone (track 8), Cecilia Linné cello (track 7)

All compositions by Steinar Aadnekvam except “Agradecendo” by Pixinguinha

CD info

Release no: LOS 137-2 EAN: 7090025831379 Recorded at Atlantis Grammofon, Stockholm by Janne Hansson December 5 & 6, 2013.  Additional recording at Studio Moose, Värmdö, February and August 2013. Mixed and mastered by
Kalle Persson, January 2015. Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam. Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes.  Inside photo by Mariana Menezes Lindén. Front cover painting by Sylva Karin Johansen

Liner notes:

After many years on many roads I had to stop and plant my tree. I wanted to make a record with a musical and compositional content that represented all that I am. I wanted to let my dreams come true, all that I was hearing in my mind. Throughout the years there have been ideas, melodies, songs that have been my personal

gems. So precious to me that I have always guarded them until the right moment might one day present itself. In this album are many of them.

A ‘Cold Shower’ is what I really like to refresh the senses, and the tune was written specifically for this project. Hillside’ is a composition that came to me when arriving for the first time at my home in Norsborg, a landscape that is characterized by its surrounding hills and Viking remains. ‘Viva Sagui' is something I wrote in Brazil while visiting a small nature reserve in Moreno (in the state of Pernambuco)-PE, when a group of little sagui monkeys appeared in the tree above me to listen to the captivating rhythmic melody. ‘You Are My Sunshine And My Smile’ was a special event for me. One morning I was sitting on the floor opposite my then 18 month old daughter Francisca. She was watching me playing my guitar and this song, both in the music and the lyrics, just revealed itself. ‘Agradecendo’ meaning ‘giving thanks’ in Portuguese, is a chorinho by the great composer Pixinguinha that I have adapted somewhat in a rather fiery manner. ‘Ecology’ is an alarm call about the state of our planet. Its 12/8 afro groove holds a ‘broken’ blues chorus and its lyrical passages remind us of what is beautiful, while its cutting rhythms and suggestive mood remind us of the urgency of our collective problem. ‘Come With Me’ is a lyrical ballad that belongs to a glittering cold winter’s night, while its whistled chorus is a melody that actually dates back to a composition from my early teens. We end on a happy note in ‘Dare To Dream’, about a love affair - or rather - how we try and god willing, never stop trying.
Lastly, I owe my heart’s joy to the fantastic musicians and their outstanding performances on this album. Thank you! Steinar Aadnekvam

Steinar Aadnekvam / Walter Areia / Ivan Do Espirito Santo
ECOLOGY (2014)

MMYH Records (MMYH003LP) - Limited ed 180gr Vinyl LP.

Steinar Aadnekvam - Acoustic Guitar | Walter Areia - Upright Bass | 
Ivan Do Espirito Santo - Flute and Saxophones

Recorded at Estudio Muzak, Casa Forte, Recife - PE (Brasil) in May 2013. Engineer André Oliveira. Mixed by André Oliveira. Mastered by Adam Walek at AWR Studio, Atlanta - USA. Engraved by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm. Graphic designer Patric Thorman. Photos by Mariana Menezes Lindén and Vládia Lima. Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam and Walter Areia. Cover art "MONO" by Valeria Rey Soto.

Liner notes:
Planet earth 2013: ever more aware of the collective. Wherever we go we find our home, but we also observe all that which is not right, the emergency of our collective problem. So we reflect on it and we speak about it, because we must.

                     The album ECOLOGY gives us three astonishing musicians in a musical meeting recorded in Recife – Brazil, in May 2013. 
Guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam from the cold north of Scandinavia here continues his excursions in the hot mud of Pernambucos music scene in this trio together with his notable friends, bassist Walter Areia – from the legendary Brazilian Manguebeat group Mundo Livre S/A and the flutist, saxophonist Ivan Do Espirito Santo. We meet them all three as composers throughout the disc where playful interplay and sparkling improvisations lead our thoughts to Jazz, but the attentive listener will also find the music rich in typical northeastern brasilian styles like Baião, Frévo, Chorinho and even with a touch of

Steinar Aadnekvam presents;
from Pernambuco - Brasil: ABACAXEIRO (2011)

MMYH Records (MMYH002CD) - Digifile CD, 20 page booklet.

Steinar Aadnekvam - Guitar | Alexandre Ferreira - Flute, Sax, Pifanú | 
Junior Areia - Bass | Carlos Amarelo - Percussion | Guga 'Rasta' Santos - Poem (track 1)


Recorded at Estudio Muzak, Recife - PE (Brasil). Engineer André Oliveira. Nature ambience (Engenho Santa Fé, Nazaré Da Mata) on-location recordings by Flavio 'Mamoha' Andrade. Editet by Povel Ohlsson. Mixed and Mastered by Jon Allan at OAL Studio, Sollentuna - Sweden. Graphic designer Patric Thorman. Photos by Mariana Menezes Lindén. Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam.

Liner notes:
Composed at the old sugarcane plantation Engenho Santa Fé - Nazaré Da Mata, in the rural inlands of the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brasil. A place where time at large has stood still and life is as natural as it once was.
                         Throughout one day from early morning sunrise to the dense tropical midnight, surrounded by the birds and animals of the Atlantic rainforest - a natural habitat that today is almost lost from our planet - ABACAXEIRO tells the stories of the "Engenho" as the listener is taken on a musical journey in eight parts.


"Extraordinary! A pleasant and enriching experience of the new musical cosmos. Along with diverse sounds from the rain forest 
here is a display of brilliant and inventive guitar playing." - Rocktimes (Germany)
| "An evocative audition of the regions rythms and ambient sounds. A quirky, spirited audio postcard from the Brazilian backlands" - fRoots Magazine (UK) | "Sammen med fløytist/saksofonist Alexandre Ferreira, kontrabassist Junior Areia og perkusjonist Carlos Amarelo spiller han den temperamentfulle musikken med stort hjerte og ditto ferdighet. Globetrotteren Aadnekvam er stadig en sjelden fugl i den norske gitaristfaunaen, og han blir ikke mindre interessant å følge etter denne brasilianske erklæringen." - Dagbladet (Norge) | "Man kann "Abacaxeiro" hören, so oft man will. Was immer bleiben wird, ist die Faszination an einer Gitarre, die, weit weg von den kunstvollen, klugen Erfindungen der Musiker in den großen Städten, dorthin zurückgebracht worden ist, wo sie und alle Musik einst herkamen - in die Natur. Von einem weltläufigen Norweger, der sein Herz in Brasilien keineswegs verloren, wohl aber bis zum Rand mit Inspiration gefüllt hat." - JazzPodium (Germany)


Steinar Aadnekvam - Simple Things (2010)

MMYH Records (MMYHCD001) - 6 side Digipack CD.

Steinar Aadnekvam - Guitar | Jonatan Guzman - Piano | Petter Eldh - Bass | Anders Olsson - Drums, Percussion | Lena Swanberg - Guest Vocal (track 2) | Claes Janson - Guest Vocal (track 10)

Recorded at OAL Studio, Sollentuna (2008 / 2009). Engineer Lennart Ström. Editet by Povel Ohlsson. Mixed by Lennart Ström. Mastered by Jon Allan. Graphic Direction and photo by Mariana Menezes. Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam


Liner notes:
The widely acclaimed debut album from Norwegian acoustic guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam is the outcome of a long collaboration with quartet collegues and follows award nominations such as the 2009 "Young Nordic Guitarist" award at the Uppsala Guitar Festival and 2010 finals in the "Norsk JazzIntro" at the Molde Jazz Festival.

"The guitar jazz CD of the year, without a doubt. A great new guitarist has presented himself." - Lennart Götesson / Dalademokraten | “You absolutely need to be blind not to recognize the virtuous talent of this young Norwegian jazz guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam. The twelve tracks on his debut album ‘Simple Things’ are Latin inspired and groovy jazz instrumentals that will provide you with an hour of in-depth relaxation and very enjoyable music.” - Rootstime Magazine Belgium Steinar Aadnekvam (26) plays acoustic guitar with playful fingers on this debut disc, and has similarities with guitarists such as McLaughlin and Di Meola - with a large surplus on the technique and much inspiration is from Brazilian music and contemporary jazz. A presentation of a talented guitarist, proving that he is a musician to be reckoned with in the future. - Stephen Miedell / Bergens Tidende (Norway) | Compelling guitar lines from Steinar Aadnekvam – a player who handles acoustic here, but works in this warm mode that has lots of nice 70s touches too – an airy, atmospheric space that still finds plenty of room to groove, even in a gentle way – a bit like Pat Metheny on ECM , with all the light and color such a reference might imply – even though Steinar's overall sound is quite different! As with some of Metheny's best, there's a bubbling undercurrent on some of the best tracks – almost a trace of Brazilian jazz - Dusty Groove America (USA)

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